Our Journey

Pensacola Litter Rodeo - 2021

Are you ready for Pensacola's first every litter rodeo? Come win a condo stay for picking up trash!  How about two VIP tickets and a hotel stay in ...

Gulf Shores Litter Rodeo - 2021

Are you ready to race to keep our beaches clean!

PETA gives Oliver Hero to Animals Award

So stoked!  PETA has sent Oliver an award!  Check it out https://www.petakids.com/spotlight/oliver-hero-to-animals-award/

Spring Sunsets!

Nothing beats a beautiful sunset after making your favorite beach sparkle! The chilly spring afternoons have put a little extra peep in Oliver’s st...

Say no to single use plastic...

Ghost nets can come from toys too!

The beach is not an ashtray!

No stinky butts in the sand

Oliver's Garden

Did you know Oliver has a green thumb?

Will you join Oliver's Team?

Actions speak louder than words! Will you join Oliver and get out and make a difference today? Every little piece of litter in the bucket matters!

Is your toothbrush on vacation at the beach?

Sad fact is that your first toothbrush is still in existence! These things just don’t go away. We find these dang things far too often! Do you know...

Perdido Key Litter Rodeo - 2021

Come join us for the first every litter race!   Save the planet and win cool prizes!!!

Fort Morgan Cleanup

Come join Oliver for a good ole beach cleanup!

Trash to treasure!

Free art supplies can be found at the beach!