To inspire younger generations and their families to get involved in environmental actions and find ways to reduce their own plastic consumption, while promoting quality family time spent outdoors.






To date, Oliver & his family have captured

8428 LBS

of trash and litter off our local
beaches and waterways...

Clean Horizons has also hosted/sponsored
16 Community Cleanups
and captured

29,937 LBS 

of trash from our area!!!





Oliver, our founder, is a little guy on a big mission.  He opened his parents' eyes to a world of trash.  When they'd take him to the beach as a baby, he was immediately drawn to every piece of plastic in the sand, putting it straight to his mouth.  His parents expressed their dismay, teaching him about the harms of trash.  As Oliver grew older, he began to question what harm the trash may have on sea creatures.  He decided to help protect the creatures by picking up the trash.  When packing for beach trips, the trash bags were as important to Oliver as the sand toys.  At the early age of four, he declared it his mission to clean all the beaches and pick up three million tons of trash!  Oliver led his family on regular beach clean-ups, and his parents started Clean Horizons to help inspire others to clean their beaches.  
Being avid surfers and professional beach photographers for over twenty years, Oliver's parents have seen the problem of plastic pollution evolve firsthand.  What was once seldom occurrences of sporadic litter has now developed into a global environmental crisis.  It is crucial for our children and future generations to be able to enjoy our oceans as simple salt water, not toxic plastic soup.  Oliver and his family want everyone to know that together, we can make a huge impact!






Clean Horizons is a purpose driven company.  We are not a non profit and do not accept donations.  Our organization and cleanup efforts are funded mainly by the sales of our children's book, Litter, Litter, Please Come Here.  For every book sold, our crew has made a commitment to remove one pound of trash from our local coastline and waterways.  We promise to help protect the Gulf Coast and keep it in its pristine condition. 





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