Trash to treasure!

By now you know Oliver’s passion has become picking up trash and litter on the beach.  We come across some pretty interesting finds while on the hunt for trash.  From candy wrappers to refrigerators, we have found it all.  It is almost a daily occurrence that we find toys that were either left behind on accident, or washed out with the tide and then deposited back on the shore at a later time.  Oliver normally takes the good ones to the Need-a-toy / Take-a-toy box, but the broken ones we like to bring home.  They are then turned into trash art projects.  
It is kinda neat finding free art supplies on the beach.  We bring them home and sort them out by color and store until we are ready to use.  Everything must be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before we touch it with bare hands though.  Some pretty bad bacteria love to cling to plastic that floats in salt water.  Once cleaned though, we normally cut up the larger pieces into micro plastics perfect for our mosaics.
Oliver’s art pieces do take a lot of time though.  It is a father/son effort, and they normally only work on them during rainy days when we can not make it to the beach.  Like a puzzle, each piece must be hand laid and glued together.  The finished pieces are absolutely amazing.  Oliver loves displaying them because they bring awareness to the fact that it is easy to sometimes forget stuff on the beach.  He always tells his friends to be very careful when leaving the beach, and to double check to make sure nothing is left behind.
Check out some of Oliver’s work by clicking on the following link:
Oliver loves turning trash into treasure, perhaps you might enjoy doing the same with your family!
Oliver loves turning trash into treasure.  Micro-plastics are very harmful to the world and marine life loves to eat them.  Oliver uses his art to bring awareness to the situation.