We try to recycle as much of the trash as we can, but occasionally we will bring the cool finds and colorful micro plastics home to up-cycle them into art.  Our work is a father - son effort.  The process is very time consuming and we only work on our pieces on rainy days when we can not get to the beach.  
When we find forgotten beach toys, Oliver will take the good ones to the local need-a-toy, take-a-toy box. The broken ones are brought home and cut into micro plastics.  Dad does all the cutting!  

The process is like putting a puzzle together.  Every piece must be hand placed.  The wood for the base is also recycled from scraps we find!  You just can't believe the stuff that floats up.  It is a rewarding activity to turn trash into treasure! We’d prefer not to find so many art supplies on our beach, but our finished products are a constant reminder of the multitude of items that litter our Coast.