Who exactly is this child?

     After a year sharing our adventures of combing the beach, one of the most common questions we get is, "Who is this little guy?"  Of course you know his name is Oliver, but finding the right words to really describe who he is, is a little more challenging, to say the least.  Oliver is absolutely the hardest worker I know.  Sure he is pint sized, but this child will hold his own with any adult.  What he lacks in strength, he makes up for with sheer desire and tenacity.  

     See, Oliver is a little country boy raised in the sand.  He is the absolutely best big brother a parent could ask for, but without a doubt is the strongest willed child I personally have ever known.  If you were to ask him what he would like for his birthday, the answer would not be a toy, but rather a tool to help him accomplish a task at hand.  When he is not searching the beach for trash and treasure, he loves to farm.  It is not an uncommon sight to look out the window while at home and discover him in the garden weeding and tending to his organic raised beds.  Not because we asked, but rather because that is his job.  Please do not get me wrong, this child loves to play, but only after quitting time!

     After watching a genie in the bottle type cartoon the other day, we asked Oliver what three wishes he would ask for if he were given a chance.  His answer really summed him up the best.  

  1. A big tractor to help him expand his farm  
  2. Something to ease his sister’s pain while she is cutting teeth 
  3. People to stop littering and be better stewards of the land 

There is no doubt, this child is wiser than his age.  We all can learn from him and glad you are along for the ride.  We are not sure where his journey will take him, but he will have our full support!  He is absolutely going to make an impact, no matter what his path might be!

Kid Environmentalist