What Are Your Dreams

If there was a button on the internet that you could push to make people open their eyes, I promise I would wear that thing out.  I just can’t understand how some do not notice exactly what is going on in this world.  Is it because people have just become numb to things, or are they just turning a blind eye to the problems because they have too many other issues on their plate?  Perhaps I notice because I have seen the devastation the plastic wrappers cause when they end up in a sea turtle's mouth.
Over the past few years, daily drives in the car have become scarier than a horror movie to me!  The litter on the road sides has gotten completely out of hand.  I understand those ditches all drain to the ocean, and that rubbish is on a freight train straight to some poor unsuspecting creature's mouth.  Please pay attention the next time you are out for a drive.  Try driving a 100 yards without seeing litter, I bet that it is impossible.  If you don’t see any, turn around and slow down a little bit because you were going way too fast. 
Some people may not be bothered to live in a world surrounded by trash, we are not those kinds of people as I imagine, so are you.  I was raised to clean up what I can, and I will raise my children to do the same.  Litter is wasting our natural resources and it scares me  thinking of the legacy we will leave behind.  It is a strong possibility that I am just preaching to the choir right now, so understand if so, I am just asking you to sing louder.  As Oliver always says, “Making a difference, starts with ME!”  Can you please repeat that out loud.  If you see a panic button, can you please press it now!!!
Climate change is real and there is no planet b.  We must act today to protect our beautiful beaches and lovely wildlife.  Help Oliver keep them in pristine condition.