The time is now!

          The time is now!  Our beaches and marine environments are under siege.  Plastics are not just choking up the waterways, it is strangling the wildlife.  The effects are right in our face but somehow most are turning a blind eye.  We must take a stand, and we must stand in solidarity.  Our lovely planet is running out of options.  The time to act is today!

Did you know:

  • Plastic in the ocean is killing over 1 million of our friends every year, and that is not even counting the birds!
  • People on average through away 5 pounds of garbage every day!
  • Almost 15 billion pounds of trash finds its way to the ocean every year!
  • 28,000 trees are cut down every day, just so we can wipe our bums!
  • 85% of our waste can be recycled, but it just goes to the dump!
  • Plastic is now in the air we breath!
  • If we all join hands and make the sacrifices, we can still right our ship!

          The facts are shocking!  Why is the world not awake on this!  What will it take for us to understand there is no Planet B???  We personally feel the answer is in the world’s children!  We made this mess, and they are going to be the ones that have to clean it up!  It is not fair, it is not just, but the facts do not lie.  It is time we stop following the corporations and the politicians, and follow the science.  We must stand up now!  Will you stand in solidarity with Oliver, will you take your voice and yell it from the highest mountain top?  Today is the time!  Do it NOW!!!

 Do you trash tag?  Do you even know what that means.  We like to pick up trash and tag our pictures and show the world that we are on the team to help make a difference.  The beach is a beautiful place and we all need to help protect it.