Let's talk about Sand Dunes

Our tribe struck off to see our favorite beach in the National Seashore yesterday.  We have avoided the area since Hurricane Sally took its toll, but decided that it was finally time we went and surveyed the area first hand.  This beach really took the brunt of the storm, but we were happy to see many signs of resilience.  Don’t get me wrong, a lot of the big dunes were down, but many did their job well.  Oliver had some very tough questions about why the landscape was so different.  This really opened up a conversation about the importance of a diverse thriving coastal ecosystem.

Though fragile in nature sand dunes provide natural coastal protection against storm surge.  When in pristine condition they form a natural barrier against powerful waves and wind storms.  They also have a very important dual purpose of providing a very important ecological habitat for all of our beach friends.  Friends like the beach mouse, nesting birds, and even crabby ole sand crabs.  It is extremely important that we protect them and educate all beachgoers about their roll.   

So the next time your family is at the beach, please take a minute to discuss the importance of the sand dunes.  They deserve to be left alone and litter-free.  It is crucial that we all remember to leave no trace behind and stay out of the dunes.  Running, playing, and even walking in the dunes can cause irreversible damage.  Tell them, as Oliver says it best, “if you are standing on something green, you are doing it wrong, mister!”  We need the dunes and if we do not protect them, they will disappear and your favorite beach may not weather the next storm.
Save the beach
gulf sunset
Sand dune restoration