Fly like an eagle!

It is extremely apparent that wildlife is taking the brunt force of man’s insatiable appetite for plastic.  Literally millions of animals are killed by plastics every single year, from fish to birds, no creature is exempt from its destructive nature.  It is extremely sad to say, but nearly every single species of seabird eats plastics.  This is not acceptable, and humans have to confront this problem head on now!

Over the course of the past year, Oliver has witnessed the wrath of plastic first hand on far too many occasions.  As a parent it is something that we would prefer to shield him from, but it is inevitable that there are times he spots the evidence first.  From his perspective the solution is simple, remove the trash.  Hopefully mankind will implement a viable solution before it is too late. 

We visited the Wildlife Sanctuary of NW Florida yesterday in hopes of showing Oliver that there is hope for injured wildlife if man can intervene.  It was apparent that the experience opened his eyes a little but we fret it only accelerated his desire to help.  After the tour, he insisted we immediately scrap the plans we had for the rest of the day and go comb the nearest beach for trash.  He insisted his friends need our help!  I understand we are not the solution to this crisis, but there is no conveying that to a five year old, so we set off on a mission in a slightly different light.

At the sanctuary we were introduced to four American Bald eagles, and they and Oliver immediately became pals.  Though we have spotted them along the coast a few times, seeing one is rarity indeed.  Well guess what, we spotted one on our cleanup and I personally took it as a sign.  Kinda like an omen that high above they are watching us, and that they notice our efforts.  Oliver shook my soul when he spotted him/her.  He stated happily, “NOW YOU SEE WHY!”

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Wildlife Sanctuary of NW Florida

Injured Eagles

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